Vacation planning

Posted by Wendy on Tuesday Apr 28, 2009 Under Parenting

Did you know that you can use McDonald’s website to locate all their locations with playlands along your way.  Go to their website and click on Restaurant locator, then on McDonald’s trip planner, put in your beginning and ending zip codes and viola!  Poof a list of McDonalds along your way and if you read the chart it will tell you which ones have a playplace or playland.  I took this info and input it into Mapquest to get directions from our home to McDonalds to our destination.  Easy as that and now we know exactly when we’ll be stopping and where so the kids have a goal to reach.  We’ll give them a half hour to play while we eat and then get them food they can eat in the car.  That will keep them occupied for a while.

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